About Us

Art for Kindness is a compassionate initiative undertaken by the We For You Foundationa 501(c)(3) non profit (currently pending approval). We sought to collaborate with talented myanmar artists and designers, with the aim of assisting refugees affected by the Myanmar Spring Revolution and other individuals facing hardships. As the revolution unfolds at a rapid pace, the pressing needs of the revolutionaries and the affected communities continue to grow.

To address these pressing needs, we have launched Art for Kindness. Through this initiative, we will be selling merchandises through this platform. The profits  will then be donated to those in need. We believe that by coming together and contributing in any way we can, we can extend our support to the Burmese people from every possible angle.

Join us in making a difference through art and spreading kindness to those who need it the most. Together, we can create a lasting impact and provide hope to individuals facing challenging circumstances.